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3 Ways to Get Fit without a Gym

By on October 7, 2015

3 Ways to Get Fit without a Gym

Hello and welcome to Wellness Wednesday!  My name is Lionel Correia and today we’re going to talk about Getting Fit Without A Gym.

People use the same excuse over and over again: “I can’t get in better shape because I can’t afford, don’t have time for, and/or really don’t like the gym.”

Any one of those gets used regularly, and you may have said the same exact thing.  The truth is, though, you don’t even need a gym to get fit. There are plenty of things you can do right at home to enjoy a much healthier life.

Let’s talk about some ways you can accomplish this without ever needing to buy a gym membership.

Go for a Run

You have a big, open, natural gym all around you. Instead of feeling like you have to hit up the treadmill or the elliptical, consider going outdoors. Whether you live in the city or the country, there is always somewhere you can run.

Running can be very beneficial and it gives you the cardio you need to burn calories and strengthen your heart. Being outdoors will also mean soaking in vitamin D, which is an added benefit and will make you feel great!

Since you can run different routes each day, this keeps you from getting bored as well. It will offer much more than just running on that boring treadmill day in and day out.

If you aren’t fit enough to run, then don’t worry. Start out walking and work your way up.

Try Juicing

One big part of getting fit will be removing toxins from your body and ensuring you are healthy from the inside out.

As we’ve mentioned before you can do this through juicing. Going on a juicing cleanse is a great start and will accomplish several things:

  • It will detox your body, cleansing away toxins.
  • It will give you a jumpstart on losing weight.
  • It will ensure you are starting out healthy.

Juicing isn’t hard.  It’s actually fairly simple and just takes consistency.  You can easily purchase a juicer and then find plenty of recipes to try out and enjoy.

Create Your Own Boot Camp

Boot camps have become popular and you don’t have to pay big bucks to get involved in one. Instead, you can create your own boot camp plan.

Make sure you focus on exercises and intervals between strength, balance, and cardio.  You could also throw in some yoga as well. Then, set up a program you will follow each day.

You can easily find body weight exercises, yoga tutorials and simple cardio workouts for free online. Just make sure the workouts are tough enough to push your limits.

At the same time, make sure you are giving yourself short breaks between intervals as well.

So many people think that the only way to get fit is through a gym membership.  I personally love my gym, but if money is tight there are other solutions. Instead, you can get fit in your own home without the gym.

The techniques we have mentioned are great ways to get started. Just get out there and go for a run, enjoying the scenery and getting fit at the same time. Take up juicing to cleanse your body and create your own boot-camp possibly consisting of yoga, cardio and body weight exercises.

When you stay innovative and creative you can still make a big difference in how you look and feel without the gym.

Until next time, my name’s Lionel Correia and Come Juice With Us.

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About Lionel Correia

Lionel is a fitness enthusiast, juicing advocate, and serial entrepreneur. He loves real estate, but is even more passionate about health, wellness and a positive mindset. He’s a graduate of the University of Arizona and prides himself on establishing great habits because great habits lead to great results. His favorite workouts include, yoga, spin class, sprints on the track and resistance training. He believes that if you desire a strong healthy body, you must first build mental toughness because a healthy body requires a disciplined mind and great habits.

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