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What to Expect During Your 3 Day Juice Fast

By on February 17, 2016

Whether you decided on the spur of the moment, or you’ve spent a long time contemplating it, you have finally made the decision to do a 3 day juice fast.

First of all, good for you – you will love just how great you feel once you’ve made it to the end of your fast.

Now that you’ve summoned up the courage to do this one thing that will help your body get rid of all those toxins, you should probably be prepared for how you might feel during the process.

Make Sure You Really Are Prepared

While you have more than likely already done quite a bit of research to find out whether a cleanse is right for you, go ahead and do a little bit more. While you’re at it, schedule an appointment with your doctor too.

3 day juice fast

If you have any health conditions at all, or you take any type of medication, you need to let your doctor know what you are planning to do. You are getting ready to completely change up your eating routine, and that can cause some pretty serious problems with certain meds and health problems. Just consider it another part of doing your research, and getting fully prepared for your cleanse – but don’t skip it!

3 Day Juice Fast: Getting Started

When you first start your 3 day juice fast, you are starting a process that will send your body and emotions through a wide range of feelings. In fact, you will likely go through five different phases as you go through the fast. The following will help you be prepared, and be ready to deal with things as they come.

Optimism Abounds

That very first morning of your three days will be filled with optimism, and more than likely a bit of nervousness. You are excited that you are getting started on something, and you are determined that you can last the full three days.


No matter what your reasons for doing the juice cleanse, everyone starts out feeling great about their decision to actually do it – and you should. This is something that, while it will test your will power, will actually get you started on a healthier path with a healthier body.

As you move through the phases, make sure to keep this feeling in your thoughts, as it will give you that extra boost you might need.

Hunger Shows Its Face (and Claws!)

It doesn’t matter who you’ve talked to, whether they admit it or not, they went through a period of intense hunger while doing the 3 day juice fast. It’s normal, and really should be expected – after all, you are cutting out numerous processed snacks and who knows what else rather suddenly. Your body is used to getting food whenever it sends the message it needs it, and the switch from solid foods to liquid ones can be intense.

3 day juice fast

The reason you suddenly feel such intense hunger is that your body is reacting on a physiological level. You’ve drastically cut the number of calories you normally eat, and your body is reacting to the shock, which shows up as hunger that will make you think about food more than you ever have. Don’t worry, this will pass – just hang in there and think about all the good you are doing for your body.

Your Body Seems to Revolt

Around day two, you will likely notice that your body is starting to do some rather alarming things. The first of these is that your stomach might cramp – a lot. This is also a normal part of the cleanse. There are two different camps when it comes to explaining this phenomenon. One side believes that the cramping is just your digestive system’s reaction to suddenly not having a ready supply of solid food that needs digesting. The other camp attributes this to the fact that you are finally giving your body considerably more vitamins than it is used to, and it is simply adjusting.


Some poeple get headaches, especially if they didn’t cut way back on the caffeine before starting the 3 day juice fast. These can be the result of the toxins that are moving through your body on their way to be eliminated, as well as low blood sugar. You might also experience fuzzy thinking due to the low blood sugar as well – as long as this is only short-term, you will be just fine.

You will also begin to make frequent trips to the restroom. This is also normal, for two reasons: your body is getting rid of many built up toxins, and they have to be eliminated, and you are only drinking liquids. Since your body doesn’t have to go through the long digestive process, the juices travel through your body pretty quickly.

Doubt Sneaks In

You will also go through a period of doubt. You’ll wonder if you really can last the full three days. The answer to that will be up to you. At this point, the best thing you can do is find a distraction. You can also reach out to supportive friends and family – their support can go a long way in helping you past these doubts, since you won’t want to tell them you gave up.


You should also limit your exposure to temptation. You are only human, but if you go somewhere where food isn’t readily available, it will make a huge difference in your ability to ignore all those doubts.

That Aha! Moment

When day three finally arrives, you will notice some changes going on. Your body will feel better, you brain will feel as if it is functioning as it should be, and your energy levels will be back where they should be. All of this is due to your body adjusting to the changes you’ve made.

While you might still be hungry, your body will be showing the real benefits of the 3 day juice fast. Once you make it through that last day, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did have the ability and will power to make it past the start of a new relationship with food.

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