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Power Yoga: The Ultimate Answer To Weight Loss

By on May 25, 2016

Does power yoga really help in making you shed those extra pounds? The answer is right here, yes!

Power yoga includes some cardiovascular exercises that definitely promote weight loss.

Did you all know that power yoga is considered to be much more effective in making you lose weight when compared to other forms of yoga?

In the United States, millions of people practice yoga as a form of a rejuvenating workout regime in order to maintain a healthy body and at the same time leads a stress free life.

Power yoga is a vigorous form of yoga and is perfect for those who are looking at a quick way to lose weight and become fit.

Yoga helps you to make a change in your lifestyle when it comes to keeping fit or healthy. It definitely influences your way of thinking!


So, if you want to transform yourself into a new you, you have to change your eating habits along with Power Yoga. Yoga in a way helps you to attain a sense of a spiritual connection with your body which further encourages you to lose weight.

Another interesting fact about yoga is that moulds your body to develop a strong mind and body connection that eventually makes you more aware of what you consume on a daily basis.

A sense of awareness begins to develop while performing yoga!

Many devotees of power yoga believe that it times your body for weight loss. If practiced on a regular basis, power yoga would give you amazing results.


Power yoga helps you strengthen your gluteal muscles and also it helps in making your knees and calves strong. Overall, power yoga tones the entire body.

Here are some fantastic Power Yoga poses to help you lose weight. Let us learn a little more about them listed below:

Basic Squats: It is always advised to begin any yoga exercise with your basic Suryanamaskars. This helps you warm and get used to the cardio vascular exercises that you are going to perform.

The Utkatasana or simple squats help you tone your thigh muscles. Just squatting down half way and getting up is what this exercise is all about. It is important to follow the breathing, technique of inhaling and exhaling while going down and coming up.


Downward to half plank variation: This power yoga pose is another demanding pose which requires your core strength. Raising your leg high up to the ceiling and getting it forward makes you tighten your abdominal muscles.

Downward dog to small dog: This again is similar to the one mentioned above. In the downward dog position, you do small bends along with your inhaling and exhaling. This exercise again works well on your leg muscles and abdominal area.



Small dog to plank: This pose strengthens your core and also makes your shoulder muscles strong at the same time. This is an excellent way to tone your body and lose weight. This exercise is excellent for those aiming at weight loss.

Standing Leg Raise: Inhaling and lifting both your legs one at a time up towards the ceiling is a great exercise for weight loss and toning the problem areas.

Follow the inhaling and exhaling technique and watch yourself losing those extra pounds. This exercise works on your knees, thighs and the entire lower body is working really hard.


Abdominal churning: This is a fantastic way to burn the fat around the hips and tone up the problem area which many women face. This should be tried out by one and all.

Do not forget to inhale and exhale during this time which is very important during the rotations clockwise and anti-clockwise. The lower body gets strengthened and toned. One done with the core exercise rest in Shavasana.

The Markat Asana: This asana provides a good twist to the back and stretches the back muscles well. Twist one leg over the other alternatively in this asana which helps your relieve any stress associated with the back.


Power yoga has gained popularity around the world and gives you a complete body workout which includes flexibility, toning and making the entire body strong. Did you know that Power yoga is one of the most modern forms of yoga?

Lastly, let us look at some of the benefits of Power Yoga listed below:

  1. Calorie burner: Power yoga burns calories to a great extent.
  2. Increases stamina: strength, flexibility and tones our body and core.
  3. Increases metabolism:
  4. Stress buster: Power yoga helps you to relieve stress and improves your ability to focus o things better.
  5. Flexibility: Power yoga on the whole makes your entire body flexible.

So all you fitness enthusiasts or for those who want to burn those extra calories, try out these power yoga exercises and feel the difference!

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