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Natural Weight Loss Herbs and Spices

By on October 13, 2015

Natural Weight Loss Herbs and Spices

Whenever it comes to weight loss, people tend to try just about anything.

They want something that makes their goals much easier to achieve, and they usually assume that the answer lies in some sort of diet pill or a fad diet.

The problem is that pills come along with frightening side effects. And, fad diets usually result in nothing more than yo-yo effects.

So, why not turn to something that works much better: the natural method?

Juicing has been getting a great deal of attention lately because it is a great way to get all of the nutrients you need without packing on the calories. And juices work because they can help you lose weight while ensuring you are keeping your body healthy. Furthermore, if you add in natural herbs and spices, they can help boost your weight loss too. So, let’s look at a few of these ingredients you should consider incorporating in your juices.


You may have already heard that turmeric deserves a place in your kitchen. That’s because it offers a variety of different health benefits. One of these is fighting against inflammation. Inflammation has been connected to different issues including obesity. So, fighting that inflammation will make it easier for you to lose weight.


This tasty little spice actually works very well for hunger control. It will help you avoid cravings so that you don’t reach for snacks all the time. Additionally, cinnamon helps you control your blood sugar so you don’t have those crashes throughout the day.


While it is often used as a garnish, parsley is actually a good herb to consume as well. Parsley, according to scientific studies, will reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. That means you won’t have peaks and crashes that make you want to eat more. And, the lower blood sugar will ensure your body is able to process all foods into energy much more easily.


Whether you use the powdered or fresh variety, garlic can be very beneficial. In addition to helping you with weight loss, garlic has shown to be heart-healthy. As far as weight loss, studies have shown that garlic can help prohibit your body from creating fat. And it helps your body to metabolize carbs and fats so they do not convert to weight.


This is another ingredient used in Indian spices fairly often. It can actually raise your metabolism and that means you will burn calories more quickly. In turn, that also means you will lose weight more easily.

Herbs and spices are great ways to boost juices or to use for flavor in foods. Beyond that, the right ones can actually help you lose weight. If you use the options we have discussed above, then you will be thrilled with the results. You don’t have to turn to fad diets or pills that could be dangerous and may not actually produce healthy results. Instead, going the natural way is the better answer.

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