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5 Healthy Alternatives For Potato Chip Lovers

By on July 28, 2015

5 Healthy Alternatives For Potato Chip Lovers

Chips are one of the most delicious food types available, with the perfect combination of salt, flavor and crunch. However, they are also very unhealthy for you. Thankfully, there are a number of healthy snacks that can be used in place of chips for all potato chip lovers out there. These snacks replicate the salt and crunch combination of potato chips, yet also provide nutrients and ingredients that are healthy for you. The following will take a look at 5 alternatives for potato chip lovers.


Pistachios are small nuts that are cracked open from their shells in order to eat. They are both salty and crunchy and provide just enough healthy fats and nutrients to make for a snack that is both parts great-tasting and healthy. Pistachios can be found at practically all grocery stores and supermarkets.

Veggie Chips

Though veggie chips might not sound too appetizing, they can be very tasty depending on what flavors you prefer. This snack can easily be made from the comforts of your own home. Take any vegetable you like, such as sweet potatoes and celery, slice them extremely thin, place a dash of salt onto them and finally bake until they are crispy and delectable. This process doesn’t take long, so you can quickly experiment with all kinds of vegetable types, even spinach and broccoli, in order to find the baked chips that you like the best.

Kale Chips

While kale chips might not be the best looking snack out there, they are one of the tastiest alternatives to potato chips that you can find. Kale is a leafy vegetable that is similar to cabbage and can be highly appetizing when baked. Experiment with cheeses and different seasonings in order to find the best combination of flavors. This snack can be found at all supermarkets and places like Trader Joe’s.


Pita Chips

This is a fantastic homemade snack that is perfect for anyone that may be reluctant to eat chips made from vegetables. All you need to do to create this healthy snack is to buy some pitas at any supermarket and make sure that they are packed with nutrients. Once purchased, cut them into small wedges and place them onto a pan. Season with a good amount of salt and bake at a temperature of 375 degrees for around 10 minutes, making sure to flip halfway through the baking process. While these chips are fantastic and healthy on their own, serving them with salsa can turn a good snack into an even better one.

Freeze Dried Fruits

Freeze dried fruit can be very flavorful and tasty, as well as extremely healthy for the body. It’s possible to find a multitude of different freeze dried fruits to taste at places like Target and Trader Joe’s. Corn and strawberries are two vegetables that taste surprisingly amazing after being freeze dried and work well as a replacement for chips.

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