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Pineapple, Nature’s Candy

By on July 22, 2015

Pineapple, Nature’s Candy

Welcome Vida Juicers to Wellness Wednesday.  I’m happy to be back with you from an amazing European tour.  Today I will be talking about nature’s candy, pineapple.

Pineapples have exceptional juiciness and a vibrant tropical flavor that balances the tastes of sweet and tart. They are second only to bananas as America’s favorite tropical fruit and are available year-round in local markets.


Nutritional Value

Pineapple is rightly called “the king of fruits.” This exotic fruit contains a royal amount of healthy and beneficial ingredients and is energy giving.  Pineapple is rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Thus it contains, for example, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, zinc, manganese, vitamin A, vitamins E, C, vitamin group B or biotin, fiber, enzyme, and bromelain.

100 grams of fresh pineapple is 12% carbohydrates, 0.1% fat and 0.5% protein.

Medicinal Properties

The medicinal properties of pineapple have been known in folk medicine for centuries.

The medicinal ingredients, especially bromelain, are a group of enzymes that break down proteins and helps in the digestion of food. If pineapples are eaten immediately after a meal, it helps the stomach to break down proteins to amino acids. Bromelain has strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Clinical trials have confirmed that bromelain from pineapple relieves inflammation and reduces swelling in acute inflammation of the sinuses, throat, helps with arthritis, gout and accelerates healing after operations and injuries. Bromelain is a natural remedy for colds and bronchitis, because it dilutes the secretions in the airways and facilitates as an expectorant. Some studies have even shown that bromelain could be used instead of an antibiotic. Due to these properties, it is recommended that the consumption of pineapple between meals so the enzymes are used for the process of digestion. Because canned pineapple is not as good source of these enzymes, it is best to be consumed fresh.

Pineapple is rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin C, it has a positive effect on the protection of the body from the damaging effects of free radicals that can cause various diseases such as diseases of the heart and blood vessels, bronchitis, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and cancer. Accordingly, pineapples are considered as natural anticancer drug that can help prevent and fight cancer.


Pineapple strengthens natural immunity of the body and keeps health.  Pineapple is not only healthy, but also a cosmetic wizard, which from the outside and inside nourishes the skin, keeping its moisture, restores, and cleans pores. Pineapple also has an “anti-aging” effect. It has been proven that by eating pineapple you will slow down the aging process of your skin, increasing its elasticity and your skin will look younger, fresher and softer.

Pineapple stimulates metabolism, so it is a successful fighter eaten in moderation against cellulite and excess weight.

Pineapple contains magnesium, which reduces tension, anxiety, and stress. Magnesium deficiency leads to under-utilization of calcium for the body. In addition, lack of magnesium is associated with the occurrence of malignant diseases.

A latest discovery done by scientists gives hope to patients with cancer.  A group of Australian scientists announced that in the molecules of pineapple is discovered a potent anticancer agent. The scientists hope their discovery will enable the development of new drugs against breast, lung, colon, and ovarian cancer and against melanoma.

After verifying the healing power of the pineapple, scientific journal “Archives of Ophthalmology” published a study that daily consumption of pineapple helps reduce the risk of macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is a chronic disease associated with aging, which is characterized by blurred vision.



Understand the drawback to pineapple is its high fructose content that may not be beneficial for diabetics or people trying to lose weight if eaten excessively. For example, 1 cup of sweet pineapple contains up to 84 calories and 17 grams of sugar. Dried pineapple and canned pineapple packed in syrup are particularly high in sugar, so stick with fresh pineapple.  Moderation is always best.


Fresh Pineapple Is Healthiest

It is recommended that the best way to consume pineapples is eating it fresh. This way, the pineapple contains the most healing properties. Most of the bromelain is lost during the canning process of pineapples.

Thank you for spending time with me today.  If this was helpful please give it a thumbs up and come “Juice With Us.”

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