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Five Herbs for Healing & Juicing

By on September 9, 2015

Five Herbs for Healing & Juicing

What up Vida Juicer!  Today we have 5 Herbs for Healing & Juicing!  These herbs can be described as preventative medicine.

These days, when we get sick, the first thing most do is run for medicine, whether it is an over the counter drug or a prescription. I’m not totally against prescriptions or over the counter medicine, especially when you are really sick and need them. The only problem is some of those drugs have side effects, aren’t good for our bodies and we can overcome the use of these medicines through the food we eat.  The truth is there are powerful healing agents in nature that don’t depend on any chemical thought up in a lab and can keep us from getting sick or even needing those prescription drugs in the first place.   Herbs would be a great example of this. There are numerous herbs that actually have healing powers when you use them for your benefit. While we cannot list them all, we can go over five very good options that you do need to know about.


We’ve talked about turmeric many times and for good reason.  This spice is often used in curry and it has an ingredient called curcumin. This is an anti-inflammatory that has shown to ease the symptoms of arthritis, stave off colon polyps, and even reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease according to some studies. There are numerous other benefits to turmeric too, so be sure to add it as a great way to flavor foods and juices.


Blood sugar is a problem for many people. Type II diabetes is more prevalent than ever and people find it hard to avoid dealing with blood sugar problems. If this is a concern for you, then consider cinnamon. You probably already know how good it tastes, but now you have another reason to enjoy it. Cinnamon can lower blood sugar in people with type II diabetes and has even shown to reduce the risk of heart disease as well.


This herb, which is used regularly on chicken dishes, can actually help to reduce carcinogens in meats. Carcinogens are things that can lead to cancer, and whenever you blacken or flame broil a meat, they can develop. If you mix rosemary in meats or treat the meats with a rosemary powder, you can actually keep carcinogens from developing.


This is another herb we’ve talked about many times and it’s perfect to help reduce nausea.  People who are nauseated because they are ill, have motion sickness, are dealing with morning sickness, or are even facing the effects of chemotherapy can benefit from ginger. Beyond that, there is some speculation that ginger could lower blood pressure, reduce arthritis pain, and even reduce the risk of developing some types of cancer.

Holy Basil

This specific type of basil can help to reduce stress. That’s because it increases adrenaline and decreases serotonin. Holy basil leaves have also shown to relieve headaches and there are some studies that also show how this herb could shrink breast cancer tumors to some degree.

Many herbs have healing properties, are considered preventative medicine and you can easily incorporate them into your daily diet. Either add them as seasoning for flavor or mix them right into juices. Over time the more of these you eat the better you’ll feel and hopefully you’ll be able to get off any medications entirely or at least limit their use.  Thanks for watching this video.  My name is Lionel Correia please share the video it you liked it and Come Juice With Us!

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