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The Outstanding Benefits Of Grapefruit

By on February 4, 2015
compelling benefits of grapefruit

The Benefits of Grapefruit

Tart and tangy with an underlying sweetness, grapefruit has a juiciness that rivals that of the ever popular orange and sparkles with many of the same health promoting benefits. Although available throughout the year, they are in season right now and at their best from winter through early spring.

Welcome, I’m Doreen Correia hosting today’s Wellness Wednesday, the Benefits of Grapefruit.

Let’s Begin With Its Nutritional Benefits

When eating or juicing grapefruit, peel off the skin but leave as much of the albedo, the white under the skin, intact as possible as it contains the highest amount of valuable bioflavonoids, other anti-cancer agents, and pectin.

Grapefruit doesn’t only contain vitamin C, which is commonly known to be protective against cold or flu. It is not just one nutrient that helps prevent a certain disease, but rather the combination of several ingredients in it that does the trick. This is the kind of nutritional power that we can find only in the way God makes our natural food.

This juicy fruit contains citric acid, natural sugars, and essential oils like limonene, pinene and citral. It has high amounts of vitamin C, and smaller amounts of vitamin A, B complex, E and K.
In the mineral department, larger amounts of calcium, folate, phosphorus, and potassium are found. The nutritional phytonutrients of this voluptuous fruit—liminoids, flavonoids, lycopene and glucarates—help fight cancer and various diseases.

The List Continues:More Benefits of Grapefruit

Acidity: Although grapefruit has a sub-acid taste, its juice actually has an alkaline reaction after digestion. This has a profound effect in the treatment of acidity in the digestive system that causes a host of other health problems.

Ateriosclerosis: Pectin in this fruit has been found to be effective in reducing the accumulation of arterial deposits, and the vitamin C helps to strengthen and maintain the elasticity of arteries.

Breast cancer: In another study, the bioflavonoids found in grapefruit were discovered to even halt cancer cells from spreading in breast cancer patients, by ridding the body of excess estrogen.

Common cold: A common cold is usually your body telling you that you are overworked. A regular drink of grapefruit during a stressful period gives your immune system the boost needed to prevent it coming on.

Cholesterol: A certain compound found in grapefruit helps reduce the excessive production of cholesterol from the liver and the albedo has pectin, which has proven to help lower cholesterol.

Diabetes: A diabetic can safely eat a grapefruit. In fact, more consumption of this fruit will help reduce the starches and sweets in the system. If you have a genetic tendency towards diabetes, consume more grapefruit juice to prevent it.

Digestive disorder: This juice helps to promote digestion by increasing the flow of gastric juices. Eat the fruit together with its albedo and pith for their extra fiber that aids bowel movements.

Fatigue: At the end of a long and tiring day, drink a glass of grapefruit juice with lemon juice in equal parts with a little honey, to dispel all fatigue and tiredness.

Fever: Besides drinking plenty of fluids, also drink grapefruit juice to reduce fever.

Insomnia: A drink of grapefruit juice before bedtime helps to promote sleep and alleviates insomnia.

Pregnant woman: The bioflavonoids and vitamin C help to reduce water retention and swelling of the legs during pregnancy.

Sore throat: Drinking a freshly squeezed grapefruit juice helps relieve sore throats and soothes coughs.

Stomach and pancreatic cancer: The anti-cancer agents are one of the many benefits of grapefruit (especially in the albedo)and are particularly protective against these cancers in the digestive system.

Weight-loss: This fruit has a fat-burning enzyme and can help to absorb and reduce the starch and sugar in the body. It also contains a flavonoid compound known as naringenin that makes the liver burn fat rather than store it. It is widely consumed by people who are trying to lose weight.

Ways to Prepare

Grapefruit sections add a tangy spark to green salads or add raisins for bitter sweet deliciousness
• Instead of your morning glass of OJ, have a glass of grapefruit juice.
• Combine diced grapefruit with cilantro and chili peppers to make a unique salsa.
• To enjoy a salad with a tropical flair, combine chopped grapefruit pieces, cooked shrimp and avocados and serve on a bed of romaine lettuce.
• In addition, I have a juice recipe above in the picture.

Caution: Before adding grapefruit to your diet or your list of natural medicines, check with your healthcare provider if you take medications for any adverse reactions.
If you have enjoyed this video give it a thumb up, thank you for joining me today and remember “Juice Strong to Live Long.”


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