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Banish Cellulite

By on July 22, 2014

Hello Vida Juicers, Doreen Correia here, welcome to my kitchen and another episode of Wellness Wednesday. Today I will be talking about cellulite. This time of year we certainly are more aware of it and makes us beach goers cringe a little bit. Cellulite is certainly not a favorite topic of conversation especially when called cottage cheese, old skin dimples or hail damage. The vast majority of adult women have it and we all don’t want it! There’s no reason to talk down to yourself because you do have some dimples to spare. The larger picture is to love your body and appreciate the wonder of it; for everything it does for you to keep you alive and functioning. The good news is that you CAN reduce cellulite! You really can help your body become firmer, leaner and reduce cellulite. A good starting point is to ask what is cellulite? Cellulite is the term given to fat deposits just below the skin. The fat appears bumpy because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above to pucker. There are lots of reasons why cellulite is said to appear on your body including hormonal reason, poor diet, and lifestyle choices, age and genetic predisposition. While each of these factors can play a role in cellulite formation, there is one common denominator to all of these factors – the accumulation of toxicity in your body. Think about throughout your lifetime the processed food, refined sugars and salts, chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives, drugs or pharmaceuticals…let alone the environment that you have been exposed to. These toxins cause fat cells to bloat more, making the skin pucker even more. So what can be done about it? I will share with you 6 tips to help you do this. I’ll let you in on a little secret: This is not just the way to reduce and prevent more cellulite, but also the way to live a long, healthy life and feel and look as beautiful as you can.

1. Eat a clean, alkaline, unprocessed diet. In order to remove the toxins from your body, you must first draw them out from where they have accumulated in your cells, tissues and organs. I have talked about this before and you can look up the details in a previous Wellness Wednesday episode called “Alkaline pH Diet Benefits Health.”

2. Hydrate and flush. You need to drink enough pure, clean water and organic hydration from fresh fruits and vegetables juices to keep toxins flushing through you. Water is essential to life and essential to reducing and preventing further cellulite. Just think about the effects and look of dehydration: shriveled, lumpy, and aged. This does not make a body’s skin smooth and supple. Consume water first thing when you awake and throughout the day. If you don’t like your water straight add lemon or other fruits to add flavor. Herbal tea is also great, but avoid coffee and regular tea as much as possible. Again, fresh vegetable juice is king!

3. Swap your salt if you haven’t yet from refined salt (table salt) for Celtic sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt. Refined salt is extremely acidic and leaches minerals from your body. It is highly dehydrating and adds only to the accumulation of toxicity in your body. Crystal and seas salt however are alkaline, packed full of beneficial minerals, give to the body rather than take from it with a fuller flavor. Get to your cupboards and throw away the refined table salt now!

4. Detoxification – getting the waste out. If you’re eating clean, alkaline food as per the first three steps those foods starts to attract out old acidic waste matter deep within your body. This is exactly what you want, but this waste needs help to be removed from the body. This is where a detox juice fast like our Ultra Reset can help. On our webpage be sure to type in your email and get your free copy. In addition, I recommend Pure Vegan’s Mag O7 Colon Cleanser a dietary supplement.

5. Dry Bush, foam roll or massage. Stimulating the lymphatic system (the lymph sits just underneath the surface of your skin) using these, toxins are helped to be circulated into the elimination channels for release. Dry brushing stimulates blood flow to the surface of your skin to help carry those trapped chemicals away from your fat. Foam rolling help push toxins out of the muscles and fat cells. It can also help release normal cellular waste products, making your look more toned and less lumpy. And of course with massage you’re getting these benefits with a professional and no work on your part…simply a relaxing treat!

6. Moving and sweating. When you do sweaty exercise you are not only helping stress relief and giving yourself an endorphin rush, you are also expelling toxins through your skin. It also helps to improve the overall appearance of your body by tightening, toning and lengthening so that even if your still have some cellulite, the overall appearance of your body will more flattering.

While implementing what I have discussed you can also get help eliminating cellulite by drinking the Cellulite Banisher Juice. It has strong astringent properties and it’s rich in antioxidants. In addition, it has the ability to help eliminate toxins by strongly stimulating the lymphatic circulation.

Cellulite Banisher1

Be sure to share and like today’s video blog. Thank you for joining me today and remember “Juice strong to live long.”

How to Dry Brush Your Skin

Skin brushing can specifically target areas of cellulite. Using a skin brush in small circular movements over your thighs, butt, and other areas with cellulite for a few minutes a few times per week will help to break down the fatty deposits that cause the dimpled appearance. It is best to start with just a minute of skin brushing and then work your way up to a few minutes at a time. This will help your skin adjust and prevent sensitivity.

How to Use a Foam Roll

Cellulite can be reduced through foam roller exercises on different parts of the body. Foam rollers are thick pieces of foam used for different types of exercises. Here is a good foam roller that can help to improve the appearance of your body. Buy here and by clicking on the roller you can see how to use it.

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