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Need Minerals & Vitamins Fast? Juice Vegetables

By on March 19, 2014


Many dietitians recommend that you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because of the essential vitamins and minerals that they provide. Although some people prefer cooking these vegetables, there are those who love juicing them. Juicing vegetables comes with numerous benefits. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

When you take vegetable juice, all the nutrients that it contains are absorbed quickly and more efficiently compared to eating vegetables themselves. When you eat whole vegetables, the body spends a lot of time isolating juice from the fibers. In case you metabolism is not that fast, you stand to lose a lot of nutrients from those vegetables. However, your juicer can do the isolation for the body making it so easy so the minerals that you need to be absorbed as fast as possible. Typically, it takes about 20 minutes for all the nutrients to be absorbed.

Although some vegetables are very nutritious, they are not so easy to eat. Vegetables such as celery contain so many essential nutrients, but their weird shape and feel makes them very unpopular. Juicing can eliminate the need to avoid such vegetables because all you get from them is the juice which the body needs. Therefore, juicing can broadly widen your vegetable selection to include those that you enjoy and even those that you find difficult to eat. In fact, you can come up with combinations that can turn out to be very sweet.

For the body’s metabolism to be optimal, you need to take a lot of fluids. As much as you may take a lot of water, it would also be great to take other fluids, and vegetable juice is one of the best alternatives. It does not only offer you minerals and vitamins but keeps the body hydrated.

Juicing vegetables is the fastest way of mineralizing your body. However, you should ensure that you wash the vegetables carefully before juicing them. Furthermore, it is advisable that you prepare enough juice that you can finish at a single take.

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