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Importance of Water and Weight Loss

By on November 4, 2014

The Importance of Water and Weight Loss

Everybody knows how important water is. It prevents dehydration, helps eliminate toxins through urination and carries essential nutrients to our cells. But perhaps what many people don’t know is that water can actually help you lose weight as well. Vida Juicer, drinking water is one of the easiest tasks you can incorporate into your weight loss plan. On this week’s Movember “Wellness Wednesday” The Wolf Man is going to give you some important points in order for you to understand more about the connection of water and weight loss.

1.) Drinking Water Speeds Up Your Metabolism
One of the most obvious benefits of drinking water is that it revs up the rate of metabolism. And since dehydration is your body’s enemy, while slowing down your metabolism, it is imperative to drink lots of water. The question is how does water speed up your metabolism? Well, scientifically speaking, when your body doesn’t have sufficient amount of water, your metabolism will slow down to conserve energy.

However, when you drink lots of water, your metabolism doesn’t need to conserve energy and therefore, helps you burn calories. And since burning calories is imperative to achieve exceptional weight loss results, speeding up the rate of metabolism through drinking lots of water can help speed up weight loss.

2.) Drinking Water Fills You Up

When it comes to weight loss, it is obvious that people have to follow a diet plan and perform various exercises to burn calories. But did you know oftentimes when you feel hungry, you might actually be just thirsty? Now how can that be possible? Well, sometimes your mind confuses hunger with thirst, which means to eliminate the hunger you will have to eat something. Eating something means more calories which is an enemy to your weight loss goals!

To tackle this, we recommend that whenever you find yourself hungry at odd times, simply reach for a glass of water before gobbling down food and gaining more calories. In addition, drinking water gives you a feeling of fullness and prevents you from overeating.

3.) Initial Weight Loss
Recent studies show that initial weight loss results usually occur due to loss of water and since water is imperative to keep you healthy, you must drink large amounts to prevent dehydration. Research also shows dehydration slows the fat-burning process, so your body needs an adequate supply of water to speed up the process of burning calories.

4.) Weight Loss Diet Plan
When it comes to weight loss, it is imperative that you follow a diet plan. And a good diet will always depend upon eating healthy whole foods. Even when eating healthy a lack of fluids can lead to constipation. The easiest solution is to drink lots and lots of water. Stay away from those sodas! Furthermore, drinking water with a meal can make you feel full sooner and cause you to eat less.

5.) How Much Water Should You Drink?
When following a weight loss plan, some people will feel less energetic and dehydrated at times. Water will help raise your level of energy and hydradration. It is recommended you drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day, but in order to speed up weight loss and increase energy, it is advised to drink even more than the standard 8 glasses. For better weight loss results, drink a glass right when you wake up and both before and after exercising.

So, if you are looking to enhance your weight loss efforts and achieve better and quicker results, it is essential to incorporate lots of water into your weight loss plan. Water and weight loss go hand and hand. If you don’t like water, check out our video on water infusions, which are great alternatives to drinking just plain water. You’ll find the link at the end of the article.

I hope you enjoyed this video with the Wolfman, don’t forget to share the wellness and juice strong to live long!


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