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Home Made Cough Syrup

By on January 10, 2015

Home Made Cough Syrup
I tried this a couple of years ago and it worked really well. It sounds gross, but it really isn’t with the taste of honey helping mask the onions. It works well for most coughs. Quick and easy to make, but needs to sit overnight before it is ready to use. Lasts a month or more in the refrigerator.
This home made cough syrup works not only for coughs, but some like it to help with a cold as well.
Like so many whole foods, raw honey and the juice of raw onion both have properties that help us to heal. This recipe uses the honey to draw the good medicine out of the onion to make a syrup. Then you remove the onion pieces.

Recipe ingredients:

One medium sized yellow onion
One or two cups of raw, unfiltered honey.

The amount of honey you will need depends on the size of your onion. In a pinch you can use the cooked honey that is what most grocery stores sell, but the cooking destroys some of the healing properties of the honey. A glass container with a water tight, screw lid to hold the mix, like a mason jar. (Do not use plastic.)

Here is the recipe:
Thinly slice a medium yellow onion.
Lay the slices in the glass jar.
Fill the container with honey up to the level of the onion or a little higher.
You will see that the onions actually shrink as their juices are drawn into the honey. After it sits overnight )or about 8 hours) strain out the onion pieces CAREFULLY. The onions will tend to stay clumped together.

Makes about one cup of syrup.

My experience is that it lasts at least a month if kept in the refrigerator.

Take as often as needed. A spoonful once every 2 hours is not too much. There is no drug here, just healing elements of nature that people have lived with safely for years.

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