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Four Reasons Why Therapy Is Amazing

By on March 20, 2015

Four Reasons Why Therapy Is Amazing
People choose to go to therapy for a number of reasons. Some choose therapy as a means of overcoming personal issues, some for healing, and some just need help making major life decisions. No matter what the reasons for choosing therapy, there are some major benefits that go along with the choice, and they are often amazingly unexpected.

Better Insights
While you are working through your problems with your therapist, you are also gaining a much better understanding of how different things affect those around you. This fresh insight not only helps you reach out to others on a personal level, it also helps you understand the why behind certain reactions. For example, perhaps you have one friend who has no problem with you suddenly being unable to meet up as per your plans. Another friend, however, seems to blow a gasket when this happens. Those undergoing therapy are able to see that friend B’s anger may be predicated on the fact that her mom left when she was younger. This insight can lead to a better understanding of how those in your life act, helping you to react to them in better ways.

Spreading Empowerment

If you have gone through therapy, and shared the experience with your friends, you might find that they decide to pursue their own therapy. This isn’t due to an incessant need to follow the crowd. Instead, it is generally in response to the improvements that your friends see in you. Your increased insightfulness, changes in behavior or moods, and general growth as a friend and person are things your friends notice, and want for themselves. When this happens, you may find that your group of friends grows even stronger, since each of you has learned how to appreciate and understand the deeper aspects of your relationships.

You Become a Better Listener

After you’ve spent a considerable amount of time having someone’s undivided attention, you actually begin to understand just how important it is to listen to those around you. People who go through therapy often become the person that their friends and family come to when they just need someone to listen to them. This is because therapy teaches you just how great it feels to have someone that completely engages when you need it, and it makes you want to pass that feeling on to others when they need it as well.

Superficiality Goes Out the Window
Today’s world and conversations are filled with superficial comments and interactions. People who go through therapy discover that real, introspective conversation actually creates more in-depth, productive interactions with all those around them. There is definitely something special about connecting with friends, family, and acquaintances on a deeper level, and therapy teaches you how to do that.

While many approach therapy as something negative, the reality is that it provides a wealth of benefits for you and your friends and family. It gives you the opportunity to discover more about yourself, and how to create better relationships with those around you – and those are some of the amazing benefits of therapy.

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