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Four Common Pitfalls When Juicing for Weight Loss

By on March 27, 2015

Four Common Pitfalls When Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing has become a popular choice for those who are serious about losing weight. It allows for an increase in healthy fruit and vegetable intake, and it provides tons of nutrients. While juicing can make a huge impact on your weight loss goals, if you are making any of the following four mistakes, you are actually hindering your efforts.

Not Enough Green
We aren’t talking about money here, but vegetables. Many new juicers are a bit put off by that bright green hue that comes from juicing vegetables, but it is important if you want to lose weight. Green vegetables are packed with vital nutrients that your body needs to perform at its best.

Green vegetables also provide an energy boost, and are generally low in sugar, which means you won’t have to deal with spikes in your blood sugar. Another important benefit is that they contain high levels of chlorophyll, which helps your body circulate highly-oxygenated blood to all of the cells. When your cells are oxygenated, they can better perform their required functions, which affect your weight loss.

Too Many Fruits
It may sound strange that you can add too many fruits to your diet, but it is a very common mistake. Fruits have a high sugar content in the form of fructose, and this can easily derail your weight loss efforts. While fruits do make your juices taste better, the added sugar content also causes blood sugar spikes. If you are trying to lose weight, this can have serious implications – especially if you suffer from diabetes.

You can add a small amount of fruits to your juices, just make sure you aren’t overdoing it. It’s best to look for fruits that are low in sugar, such as lemons and limes. These will help balance out the taste of the green veggies, without adding too much sugar.

Not Using Clean Vegetables
By clean, we aren’t talking about unwashed vegetables. We are actually talking about the numerous pesticides, chemicals, and other harmful substances that are often found in non-organic vegetables. If the price of organic vegetables doesn’t quite fit within your budget, there are twelve that you should absolutely try to make sure you buy organic, as they have been shown to contain significantly higher amounts of chemicals:

• Apples
• Bell peppers
• Blueberries
• Celery
• Cucumbers
• Grapes
• Lettuce
• Nectarines
• Peaches
• Potatoes
• Spinach
• Strawberries

Untimely Drinking
Juices provide the most benefit when they are drank right after making them. Letting them sit results in the air and light destroying a significant amount of nutrients. Your best bet is to drink your juices right after you make them – if this isn’t possible, try to store them in airtight, dark containers for no more than 24 hours.

If you are making these four mistakes in juicing, you aren’t giving your body the full weight loss benefits of juicing. Make these changes, and you are likely to see considerable improvement in your efforts.

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