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8 Tips To Eating Clean

By on February 17, 2015

With the unfortunate rise of disease that we see with family and friends and regularly aired by the media, people are looking to revamp what they’re eating. Hello I’m Doreen Correia from Juice With Us. In today’s Wellness Wednesday I’ll discuss 8 tips to revamp your diet by eating clean.

Many people are looking to eat clean by incorporating whole foods in a variety of delicious ways. It can be really overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Andreea Fegan, Raw Chef and a Nutrition Health Coach says:

The two keys to clean eating are: (1) start where you are and (2) upgrade.
Rather than a complete overhaul overnight, keep things simple and replace with foods you already know you love. Here are her 8 tips to demystify the whole process, so you can get started on your healthy lifestyle stress-free!

Meat: If you eat meat, choose organic and free-range.
Eggs: If you eat eggs, always choose pasture raised or at the very least, organic, free-range.
Plant-Protein: Consider opting for plant protein more often and begin with one day a week, a meatless Monday approach, with beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, quinoa, spirulina, hemp and plant-based organic protein powders are a good bet.

Fish: Really think about where your fish comes from, as much of it is tainted with mercury or ocean pollution. Opt for wild-caught, seasonal varieties and stay away from farmed or color-added options.

Grains: Swap grains from processed to whole (brown rice over white).
Pasta: Upgrade your pastas from refined noodles to brown rice, bean, quinoa, or raw zucchini noodles (they come in all varieties).

Dessert: Upgrade your desserts to ones using whole sweeteners like dates, dried and fresh fruits, or natural liquids such as maple syrup. There are many recipes out there for Raw Banana Ice Cream, Vegan Ice Cream, or coconut milk ice creams that are absolutely amazing!


Ditch the grains: Consider taking out grains completely. Although there are many people who do not have a true “allergy” per se, many are sensitive or intolerant to its inflammatory effects on the body.

Try gluten free grains instead:
Many people with any type of disease often do better when they remove gluten. Quinoa, millet and amaranth are great options.

Go organic: If you’re used to conventionally grown produce, start moving towards organic. Become well versed in the world of “dirty dozen” and “clean 15”, opting for organics, especially if the skin of the produce is thin (like berries).

JUICE: Eat lots of fresh and raw fruits and veggies and start juicing or creating smoothies whenever you can. You can even adopt our “31 for 30 juice challenge” for yourself for the month and see how much easier your system detoxifies drinking one juice per day. Studies show that habits are formed in 21 days, so this is also a great way to upgrade your healthy habits and get in more nutrients each day.

Drink plenty of water and learn to enjoy it. We are the only creatures on earth that drink sugar and chemical-laden beverages. Your body is thirsty for nutrients and pure water.

Dairy is highly addictive and mucous forming. You can make soups creamy by adding in ½ cup of rolled oats or raw cashews (try it!). Opt for coconut yogurt, or even make your own almond milk… it’s super easy!

8. Back to Nature

Aim for recognizable food versus packaged food whenever possible. For instance, eat fruit over fruit roll ups and brown rice over rice crackers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips. Incorporate whatever resonates with you, starting where you are, and enjoy the process. You’ll be healthier for it! If you’ve enjoyed these tips give this video a thumb up and remember “Juice Strong to Live Long.”

Source: Andreea Fegan

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