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3 Benefits of Not Eating Bread

By on October 10, 2015

Great article from Natural Health Care For You on the benefits of not consuming bread.

Carbohydrates play an integral role in our body and are very important to bodily function, however there are better times during the day to eat carbohydrates and certain carbohydrates that are better then others.

Limiting your intake of carbohydrates can lead to weight loss, but due to the high protein content in your diet it can lead to nitrogen build up as well. This nitrogen build up can create an incorrect PH balance and make it more difficult to lose weight.

Not to worry though this unbalanced PH can be overcome by juicing vegetables regularly.  That’s why you should love juicing and just the beginning of why it’s so powerful!  Check out the full article below.

If you quit eating bread you will see the following three changes within a few weeks:

1. You will lose several pounds due to water retention.

Bread contains carbohydrates and sudden ejection of these from your body will cause reduced weight. It is not about instant weight loss, but about release of excess water accumulated in the body. Each gram of carbohydrates binds to 3 to 4 times more water than its actual weight.

2. You energy level will increase and your digestion system will improve.

Unlike integral bread and black bread, white bread does not contain fiber which is necessary for proper function of the intestines. If you quit eating white bread your digestion system will work properly. Carbohydrates are brain’s food. If you consume carbohydrates of good quality your brain will work faster. If you consume not as good carbohydrates your body will show negative side effects. As a result of that you might feel fatigue.

3. You will not constantly feel hunger.

Processes carbohydrates first cause increase and then sudden decrease of sugar in the blood. These changes can send false signals which will be manifested as a feeling of hunger, which causes excess body weight. All you have to do is replace empty calories from white bread with whole grain products. Positive changes will follow.


Natural Health Care For You

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