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Juicing Diet Recipes

By on March 20, 2014


Weight loss requires you to establish the right formula and determination. Juicing is considered to be among the best weight loss strategies. There are many fruits and vegetables that you can include in your juicing diet to achieve your desired results within the shortest time possible. The best thing about a juicing diet is that is does not contain fat and it is rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  However, juicing is not only done to lose weight. You can adopt it as a guide to living healthy.

Juicing diet recipes

Carrot and watercress juice

1 cup of chopped watercress
3 medium carrots
2 diced Roma tomatoes
cup of cilantro
cup of spinach
1 kosher salt teaspoon
1 ground pepper tea spoon

Wash, peel and chop the carrots in to small pieces. Chop the other vegetables separately. Put all the vegetables and chopped carrots in a juicer and process them at a highest speed to create room for proper blending.   Put juice in ice shaker and then pour the juice in a glass and enjoy.  This is a perfect early morning diet.

Beet and celery juice


1 small cubed beet
4 celery stalks
1 sea salt teaspoon
1 cilantro bunch
1 cup of chopped spinach

Add all the ingredients in the juice and blend them well. Empty the mixture in a glass and add lemon juice for a unique and tangy taste. This is a great juice and it assists the body in the excretion of wastes and toxins. It is a cleanser.

Watermelon and lemon juice

1 cup of watermelon that contains seeds
1 lemon
1 teaspoon of mint leaves

Add all the ingredients to a blender or juicer. Mix them until you see a red mass in the juicer jar. Pour the juice in a glass and add a few crushed ice cubes and mint leaves to garnish the juice. This perfect weight loss drink is also nutritious. It is also a great source of water since watermelons have high water content.

These are just a few of the many juicing diet recipes used to establish high energy and life longevity.

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