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How to Store Produce in the Refrigerator with the help of the BerryBreeze

By on July 8, 2014

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the average American family of four throws out approximately 25 percent of the food and beverages they buy–amounting from $1,300 to $2,200 dollars annually.

Storing fresh produce is a little more complicated than you might think. If you want to prevent spoilage, certain foods shouldn’t be stored together at all, while others that we commonly keep in the fridge should actually be left on the countertop. To keep all your produce optimally fresh (and cut down on food waste), use the handy guide below, which includes fruits and veggies that can be stored outside of the refrigerator.

Today we’ll be talking about produce that is best stored in the refrigerator, using the following guidelines:

• Select the freshest produce. This might seem obvious, but it is worth emphasizing that fresher, higher-quality produce will last longer in your refrigerator.

• Minimize physical damage. Cuts and bruises damage the cell walls of your vegetables and open them up to spoilage by microbes. The bad news is that it takes just one rotten piece of produce to spread disease to other veggies.

• Dirt is good. It’s okay for root vegetables like carrots and artichokes to have a little dirt on them while storing.

• Avoid cutting or trimming. Whole veggies and fruits are always preferable to bite-size chunks, at least as far as storage goes.

• Keep produce in perforated plastic bags or in an open grocery produce bag in the produce drawer of the refrigerator.

• Avoid condensation and sweating. You can definitely get too much of a good thing. Excess moisture can encourage things to get slimy. A paper towel wrapped around leafy greens and then placing it in a produce bag can be useful to absorb excess moisture without allowing things to get too dry.

• Keep fruits and vegetables separate, in different drawers or shelves, because ethylene can build up in the fridge, causing spoilage.

• When storing herbs (and interestingly, asparagus, too), snip off the ends, store upright in a glass of water (like flowers in a vase), cover with a plastic bag.

Even following these tips Microorganisms can still Make Food Spoil! How many times have you opened your fridge to find moldy fruits and limp veggies? What about that not-so-fresh smell in your fridge? Did you know your refrigerator has bacteria growing at 1 billion units per second? Imagine how amazing it would be if you could completely eradicate harmful microorganisms that cause the food in your fridge to spoil. Imagine having your produce last up to 10 days longer.

The technology is here and simple. The BerryBreeze is a small, lightweight, battery-operated, activated oxygen (O3) generator that is placed on the top shelf of your refrigerator. I have been using it for almost a year, have seen a huge difference and highly recommend it! The BerryBreeze has no filters to clean and there is no maintenance required. By circulating pure, activated oxygen, this revolutionary product keeps your food fresh while completely eliminating all unwanted odors, tastes and smells from your fridge and your food.

The BerryBreeze, a scientifically proven compact device that sanitizes your fridge by safely and naturally neutralizing undesirable micro organisms, germs, mold, yeast, fungus, bacteria, and viruses — without the use of carcinogens, chemicals or harsh cleaners. It saves you an estimated $2200 per year by avoiding spoilage of all food in your fridge, that’s about $183 per month, which means that BerryBreeze will pay for itself within the first two weeks. Using these tips in conjunction with your BerryBreeze will help keep produce fresh in your refrigerator until you’re ready to use them in a juice, salad, soup, or stir-fry. The BerryBreeze helps to neutralize microbes that exist only to damage your produce. A little vigilance will keep your veggies and fruit tasty, crisp and nutritious. We all know that food waste is a major problem so please share this video to get out the word about proper refrigeration of produce using the Berry Breeze. There is a link below to purchase the BerryBreeze. Thank you for joining me and remember “Juice strong to live long!”  Get the BerryBreeze here!


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