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Adding Himalayan Sea Salt to Your Juices

By on August 17, 2015

Adding Himalayan Sea Salt to Your Juices

You likely do not think about salt coming from places like the Himalayas. However, a few hundred million years ago there were crystallized salt beds covered in lava. They were completely protected from pollution due to the lava shell. These days, those salt beds have been exposed, and this means they can be mined. Himalayan sea salts have been getting a great deal of attention for their health benefits.

If you practice juicing for your own health and wellbeing, then you may wish to consider adding these salts into your juices. That’s because they really do offer a great deal. Before we get in to the actual juices, let’s talk about the health benefits you can expect.

The Health Benefits

To begin with, keep in mind that Himalayan sea salts were formed naturally with minerals from the earth. That means they will interact better with your body, and you don’t have to worry about chemicals or additives causing you problems. Additionally, these salts are a larger crystal structure. That means you can enjoy the taste with less sodium per serving than you would get with regular table salts.

The plethora of minerals in the Himalayan sea salts offers the following health benefits:

• They help to balance your electrolytes.
• They increase your hydration instead of drying you out more.
• They help to regulate your water content for better cell health.
• The sea salts can reduce acid reflux.
• They help to ensure your metabolism is functioning properly.
• They help to strengthen your bones.
• The sea salts can help to lower blood pressure.
• The sea salts can aid your intestines in absorbing nutrients.
• The high iodine content in the sea salts will ensure you have a well-functioning thyroid.
• They can help improve blood circulation through your body.

As you can see, Himalayan sea salt is extremely beneficial and goes well above and beyond what you could expect from regular table salt.


You can add Himalayan sea salt to any of your juices to get the extra nutritional boost and they will add a nice bite to the flavor. However, the sea salts will not be overwhelming to the other flavors of the juices. All you need to do is add about 1/8 to ¼ a teaspoon of the pink crystals to your juicing recipe.

If you want to boost your water so that you get the most health benefits, then you can start drinking a brine mixture. All you need is one to two medium rocks of Himalayan sea salt as well as 16 ounces of filtered drinking water. Put the salt and water together in a jar or bottle and let it sit overnight. Now, you can mix one ounce of this brine with 30 ounces of water for a great electrolyte beverage.

Himalayan sea salts offer a great deal of benefits to your health and wellbeing. And, they are easy to incorporate into cooking recipes as well as your juicing. Make sure not to look past the pink crystals and how much better they are for you than what you could expect from average table salt, which is much higher in sodium.

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