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Top 5 Foods To Avoid

By on October 14, 2014


The Top 5 Foods to Try to Avoid

Hello, I’m Doreen Correia and Welcome to today’s episode of Wellness Wednesday. Thank you for joining me today! There’s a ton of information about what foods you should avoid that it can become so overwhelming. Here’s a good general list of 5 top foods to avoid.

Genetically modified foods. “Genetic modification” refers to the manipulation of DNA by humans to change the essential makeup of plants and animals. This technology inserts genetic material from one species into another to give a crop or animal a new quality, such as the ability to withstand high doses of pesticide. This helps them to grow larger quantities and to tolerate drought. These DNA transfers could never occur in nature; therefore, they are completely unnatural. In the United States, about 70 percent of the food in your supermarket directly or indirectly contain GMOs.
These foods have been banned in Europe. However, in the US, we continue to consume large quantities of GM foods as they are found in most food. GMOs have been linked to disease, illness, and other health related complications. Buy organic goods to avoid eating GMO foods. Look for foods that are certified GM-free.

Fast food. When you are crunched for time, it’s easy to grab something fast, easy, and cheap to fight off hunger. However, quality is vital when nourishing your body. Most fast food places use inferior GM products. After all, they want to serve lots, in the most cost effective mode that consumers will buy. Fast food is loaded with sodium and chemicals for speedy preparation. Fast foods are definitely foods to avoid, but when I’m really in a bind my go to is Chipotle, not that they’re perfect, but they do try and source organic and local produce when practical. In addition, they use dairy and meat from cows raised without the use of synthetic hormones. Note: Stick to their bowls or salads and don’t eat the tortillas.

Dairy milk.
Try to eliminate dairy milk from your family’s diet. As a society, we have been conditioned to believe that milk is the main way to provide your body with calcium. Many leafy greens are calcium-rich. Milk was designed to nourish a calf, not a human. Dairy is linked to inflammation in the body and mucous build up. Try swapping out cow’s milk with a plant based option. My favorite is almond milk.

Sugar. Processed refined white sugar is highly addictive. It is even considered to be more addictive than some drugs. Though sugar in some form is naturally present in many foods, by itself, it contains: no nutrients, no protein, no healthy fats, no enzymes; just empty and quickly digested calories that actually pull minerals from the body during digestion. Consuming sugar causes the body to crave more SUGAR. It’s a vicious cycle and the habit is difficult to break. Consider trying our Ultra Reset Detox to help eliminate sugar cravings. You can sign up to receive it free on our website. The Tricky part is that sugar is hiding in bread, candies, starchy foods, drinks and more. Pay close attention to the amount of sugar in your foods…read labels. You may be feeding the monster and that can be causing havoc to your body and please don’t substitute with artificial sweeteners. We’ll get into all that on another Wellness Wednesday.

Processed Foods. Like fast foods, processed foods are foods to avoid and are loaded with sodium, chemicals, and preservatives. The nutritional value of processed foods don’t compare to the whole food version. While it may seem easiest to use frozen pre-packed items for the dinnertime rush, your body will pay for it in the long run. For example, hot dogs barely resemble meat and are full of carcinogenic nitrates. Try using local fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and organic meats (if you eat meat).

Thank you for joining me today, give this a thumbs up and share wellness with others. Remember juice strong to live long.

Credits: The Sweeter the Juice, Wellness Mama

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